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California, Here I Come

California, Here I Come
Photo by Xavier crook / Unsplash

I’m very excited to be heading back to San Jose for Apple’s developer conference in June (even if most of it is more online than in person). It’s been far too long since I had the opportunity to hang out with friends in this community.

I am dreading the flight over. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a plane for more than 90 minutes, and I plan to wear a mask for the entire duration. The last thing I want is to arrive in California and immediately discover I’ve got COVID (like my poor friend Myke last year). That aside, I’m really looking forward to sunshine tacos, and lots of new APIs.

If you’re going to be around San Jose that week, please say hi. Unlike previous years, I have very little idea of what my schedule is going to be like, and I’d rather not spend the whole time in my hotel room watching online developer videos. I might even have some Obscura stickers and pins with me..