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A photo of the harbour, showing the Opera House in the distance, and two people kayaking closer to the camera

My partner Sara and I spend the past few days in Copenhagen and had an excellent time. It’s a wonderful city to just be in, everything is clean, it’s easy to navigate. Things just work. It’s hard not to notice the shortcomings of your own city after experiencing how things should be done.

The main draw for us, unsurprisingly, was the food. Pretty much everything we ate was made at a remarkably high standard. Whether it was a plate of in-house charcuterie, or chips from a street food vendor, nothing felt unconsidered. Except for the coffee. As someone who mostly drinks filter/pour-over coffee, the best coffee I had was merely acceptable, and at worst, undrinkable...

For me, the highlight of the trip was the food at Popl, a burger joint started by the team at Noma during the pandemic, and then made permanent due to its popularity. Don’t skip the plate of pickled chilis. (the burger did not survive long enough for photos)

A photo of the pizza at Bæest. It’s topped with nduja and red onion.

But it would be a disservice not to also mention the pizza at Bæst, the seafood at Kødbyens Fiskebar, the tacos (and salsas!) at Hija de Sanchez, the cardamom croissant at Hart Bageri, and the cocktails at Ruby.

Besides the food, we had great times at Designmuseum, the Danish Archetecture Centre, and the Louisiana Musuem of Modern Art.

An exterior of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, outside Copenhagen. It's a black and white photo of a long glass wall reflecting a large stone sphere resting on the grass.

I think we barely scratched the surface of everything to see, to do, and to eat there, and so I’m sure we’ll be back, once our wallets have recovered from the shock.