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Agile 3

3 screenshots of Agile 3’s interface

When I first began teaching myself to code in 2014, I needed a project that was small, and easy to wrap my head around. Agile was inspired by the carnival game Whack-a-Mole, a simple game that tests your reflexes. All you need to do is tap the circles as quickly as they appear. It seems simple at first, but the higher your score, the faster they appear. It’s easy to understand, but devilishly addicting.

10 years later, Agile has been off the store for a while. But while I was sick with Covid a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would see if I could rebuild it in SwiftUI. During that, the release date for Apple Vision Pro was announced, and I began wondering if I could get Agile running on that too.

And now, with a decade passed since its first introduction, I’m very pleased that Agile is available again on iOS, iPad and now visionOS too. Naturally I haven’t been able to run it on a Vision Pro device, so it might be a complete mess. The good news is, the app is free to download, so hopefully no one will feel too upset if the timings are not quite right for the world of spatial computing. There are a few (self-made) ads that can be hidden by leaving a tip, and there’s Game Center integration, so you can show off your high score to the world. 

You can download Agile on the App Store now.